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Bethany is one of the most kind, caring and generous people I have ever met. She cares for every child she works with like they are her own. Bethany has offered me advice and tutorials for a number of issues regarding my 4 year old and baby. Her advice has always been amazing. I consider Bethany an expert in childcare and infant needs and I cannot recommend her highly enough

Stephanie W.

Bethany has a ton of experience and a vast knowledge when it comes to infants and children. She's spent decades working with kids and has a nursing background as well which allowed me to trust her wholeheartedly with my son and his safety. She also has great advice. Being a first time mom, I have no clue what I'm doing! Bethany welcomes all questions, helps navigate difficult subjects, and has a solution for everything. She is such a nuturing person, you can really tell she cares about your child. I highly recommend Bethany!

Erin J.

Bethany is an amazing person and even more amazing at child care. She has so mch experience in working with children and parents, and can help immensely with new parents or those who are navigating new situation. I would highly recommend Bethany to work with and have even purchased her services for numerous friends!

Ashley M.

My wife and I were fortunate to have Bethany's assistance when we welcomed our twins to join our three and a half year old. She was exceedingly understanding and no task was too small or too big. One of the keys for me was that we found someone dependable because there is nothing worse than relying on someone when you are in that period of life and finding out they are not there for you or your children. However, Bethany was always there when promised. I have no reservations in recommending her to parents looking for quality support.

Justin B.

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