Babies don't come with instructions....until now!   We offer a wide range of one-on-one classes that will help you prepare for your baby's needs.

Our parenting classes are designed to help you take the guesswork out of parenting and get the best start for you and your baby.



We go over all the skills you need to know to help you through the first 4 weeks with your baby.  You'll learn how to swaddle, bathe, diaper and more!

Virtual:  $60

In-Home:  $100


We help teach you the tools to establish a safe sleep environment and healthy sleep habits for your newborn for the first 3 months home with them.  We will go over topics such as day/night confusion, normal sleep schedule, and more!

Virtual:  $60

In-Home:  $100


Breastfeeding is a natural act but it's also a learned skill! We go over breastfeeding tips and tricks to help you establish a great feeding relationship with your baby.

Virtual:  $60

In-Home:  $100


This 2 hour comprehensive workshop goes over everything you need to know for the first 90 days home with your baby, including basics, sleep, feeding, and so much more!

In-Home:  $200



You've brought your new baby home and now you're thinking "What do we do?!"

Don't worry! Our baby expert can come to you to lend a helping hand while showing you the next steps.

In-Home: $100


"I really loved working with Bethany!  We did a 1:1 call while I was pregnant with my first baby and she helped me understand and feel comfortable with so many things.  She since has been available to help me with sleep training, advice, and so much more. I highly recommend her services and am so happy that I found her when I did!

Cassidy K- mom of Cooper & Kolby

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