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Sleep Coaching

Certified Pediatric Sleep Coaching


Healthy sleep habits are a necessity for development at every age, and as your child grows their patterns change. We work with you to build a plan unique to your child’s needs, that gives you both a peace of mind.

Our training on methods do not include “crying it out” until exhaustion.  We do not believe this is a productive approach to teach babies how to self-soothe.


Pick and choose, or combine our bundle options below!


newborn up to 4 months

This simple bundle is great for parents who just want to learn the basics. The 90 minute session can be scheduled before or after baby is born.

  • Science of Sleeping
  • Safe Sleeping
  • Room Set Up
  • Sleeping Cues
  • Healthy Sleeping Habits

4 months to 4 years

During this 90 minute consultation, we gather information about your child’s sleep history as well as your unique situation and tailor a sleep plan to fit your needs.  We also provide you with tips, tools and techniques to soothe and calm your child to more-easily get them to sleep

  • Getting Your Child to Sleep
  • Sleep Plan
  • Sleep Challenges
  • Sibling Sleep
  • Products for a Restful Sleep
  • Normal Sleep Patterns
  • Establishing Nap Schedules
  • Transitioning Sleep Schedules

in-home or video chat

This 60-minute consultation is for clients who have previously had a Sleep Planning Consultation (4 months and older) and now have a need for a refresher due to a change in the child's growth and developmental stage (e.g., going from crib to toddler bed) or as the result of a minor issue (e.g., the sleep plan stopped working and we need to make changes).

  • Review History
  • Discuss Changes in Patterns
  • Collaboratively Update Sleep Plan